MEGA DC Trilogi Solar Rooftop

Project Details

Plant Size

3,515 kWp

Number of Panels


Type of Panel

Jinko Solar 370 Wp

Number of Inverters


Type of Inverter
Ingecon 100KW
Annual Energy Produced

5,683,755 kWh/yr

Monitoring System
CO2 Saved

69,833 tons/yr

Project Type
  • Trilogi forms an integral part of Gulf Marketing Group (GMG) as an established logistics provider. The company is a leading integrated supply chain company serving the UAE.
  • Trilogi’s MEGA DC Warehouse is located in Jebel Ali Freezone – Dubai with approx. area of 68,000 sqm. It consists of six interconnected angled roofs making it suitable for installing solar panels.
  • The Solar PV System covering the roof uses 9,500 Jinko solar panels and other state of the art proprietary components expected to generate 5,684 MWh of energy during its first year of operation.
  • During its lifetime, the plant is expected to offset around 70,000 Tons of carbon dioxide emission, equivalent to 66,000 acres of forest and 159,000 barrels of oil.
  • The solar system will allow Trilogi to produce more than %90 of their consumption demands from a clean energy source thus contributing to their CSR portfolio.