Golden Finger Project for Unilever at Dubai Industrial Park





Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Built-Up Area

21,120 square meters

Completion Date

November 2016

Scope of Work


The 21,120 square meter Golden Finger factory at Dubai Industrial Park consists of 5 blocks: RMPM (a steel building with an area of 2,517 square meters), Process building (a concrete structure with an area of 7,682 square meters and a height of 33 meters), Packing building (a steel structure building with an area of 2,965 square meters), and, FG (a steel structure building with an area of 1518 square meters), in addition to an administration building (a concrete building with an area of 1450 square meters) and many other support service building.

At full production, the facility is capable of manufacturing 100,000 tons of liquid personal care products a year. The factory is also the largest private solar production source in the region, producing 2MW of solar power. Additionally, all water used at the plant is recycled.

Construction was completed in 22 months, ahead of schedule, without a single lost time incident on site.