Laser Screed

Super-Flat Slabs

Amana has adopted the one-of-its-kind Laser Screed technology for concrete floor slabs in its time-sensitive projects, thereby setting new standards in the regional construction industry.

The Laser Screed technology offers much quicker turnaround than conventional concrete construction saving over 400 per cent in project execution time. As an estimate, a 2,000 square meter concrete floor slab can be completed in less than 24 hours with Laser Screed technology, while it would ideally take about three to four days in the conventional way. The technology also requires a minimum set-up time besides extending superior quality, safety and accuracy.

Laser Screeds are self-propelled four-wheel drive, four-wheel steer units with a telescoping boom for creating flatter and more level floors. The machine uses automatic laser control systems to insure correct level finishes with electro-hydraulic controls.

Concrete is discharged in strips to match the size of the machine and the Laser Screed moves into place and the telescopic boom extended over the discharged concrete. The screeding head is then lowered to the grade established by the laser-level transmitter. Retraction of the boom causes the screed head to be drawn across the fresh concrete which is leveled and compacted in a single pass.

Once a pass is completed, the machine is repositioned to the right with some overlap on the previously screeded concrete. The operation is repeated, ensuring best finished level tolerances are attained across the floor area.

Laser Screed Video Demonstration