Thermal Energy Solar Power Plant for Shams 1


UTE Abener Teyma Emirates I


URG Group


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Built-Up Area

6,000 square meters
9,800 square meters
9,800 square meters

Completion Date

September 2010
June 2011
November 2011

Scope of Work


Amana was awarded three contracts for the construction of a wind barrier and plant buildings and facilities for the UAE’s first Thermal Energy Solar Power (Shams 1) located near Madinat Zayed in Abu Dhabi. Shams 1 is also the largest renewable energy project in the Middle East and the world concentrated solar power (CSP), covering 2.5 square kilometers.

Amana’s scope of work included the design and construction of:

  • Wind barrier
  • HTF storage
  • Diesel oil storage tanks
  • Steam turbine building foundation works as well as the supply and erection of the building structure
  • HTF and booster heater foundations
  • Technical and non-technical buildings
    • Water treatment plant
    • Administration building
    • Laboratory
    • Workshops
    • CCM solar field building

Additionally, our associate company, Amana Pipeline Construction was awarded four subcontracts on the project:

  • Complete assembly of 9,216 solar module reflectors.
  • Solar Field erection of the assembled solar module reflectors including the intermediate and central supports.
  • Engineering, Design, Procurement of Materials, Fabrication, Transport, Erection and Commissioning of the Water and Fuel Oil Storage Tanks.
  • Mechanical Erection of the Solar Field Piping.
Thermal Energy Solar Power Plant for Shams 1