Precast Factory for Mammut Industries at Dubai Technopark


Mammut Industries


Image Consultant


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Built-Up Area

26,500 square meters

Completion Date

May 2005

Scope of Work


Arguably, the world`s largest automated precast factory, this Mammut development covers a total built-up area exceeding 25,000 square meters on a plot in excess of 100,000 square meters.

The facility encompasses a high level of design complexity as it includes: extensive machine foundations, networks of underground trenches, batching plants, multilevel conveyor systems and stand-alone ovens for fast curing, among other features. Because the factory is fully automated with a network of conveyor systems, it resulted in the need to cast a complex ground floor slab inclusive of various inserts and precise floor casting tolerances suitable to support the robotized processes.

The level of mechanical, electrical, plumbing works is extensive and includes multiple uses of bus bars, and specialty electrical and compressed air services for the manufacturing process.