Sound Stages (Phases A & B) for Dubai Properties at Dubai Studio City


Dubai Properties

Built-Up Area

14,243 square meters


Archon Engineering Consultant

Completion Date

September 2009


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Scope of Work


Dubai Properties logo

The project involves the construction of world-class sound stages in two phases (A & B) in addition to warehouses and workshops at the iconic development. Measuring approximately 14,000 square meters in size, the sound stages are the first-of-its-kind studio facility for shooting movies in the GCC. The sound stages complex is a concrete framed structure covered with sound-proof glass. The building boasts a unique architectural design with the roof specially designed to suspend a mobile facility for movie shooting.

Spread over 490,000 square feet, the Dubai Studio City is dedicated to the growth of radio production, film, TV, post-production and broadcast industries in the region. Studio City will comprise 14 sound stages, and an area of 3.5 million square feet for commercial offices, a business center, pre-built studios and post-production studios.