Production, Logistics Facility, and Offices for Nestle Dubai at Techno Park


Nestle Dubai Manufacturing LLC


Badri & Bensouda


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Built-Up Area

18,500 square meters

Completion Date

June 2010

Scope of Work


The project is located at Techno Park; it’s an extension of the existing Nestle facility and consists of:

  • An office building
  • Utility and production area
  • Packaging area
  • A warehouse

The complete building is precast except for the warehouse which Amana changed from precast to steel in order to provide schedule benefits to the client. The project comprises of very high standards and stringent quality requirements, being a food processing plant. The completion of the project involved 4 milestones for each of the areas described above, in order to accomplish the installation of the process equipment.

The project has been certified LEED Gold.