Fruit Cold Store for Del Monte Saudi Arabia at Al Khomra


Del Monte Foods

Built-Up Area

51,200 square meters


SAK Engineering

Completion Date

September 2009


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Scope of Work


In addition to the Del Monte factory in Dubai, Amana was also awarded a turnkey contract for the Del Monte factory at Khorma, Saudi Arabia. The project consists of 4 main buildings: the cold store, administration building, labor accommodation, and workshop. Most of the external areas are concrete flooring and the rest is asphalt. The cold sore contains 33 loading/unloading entries to store and distribute all types of fruit. It also consists of 46 refrigerators and 19 banana repining equipment. The factory is constructed on an area of 86,500 square meters and was completed within 18 months using 2,000 tons of steel.