Food Processing Factory for Khazan in Sharjah Industrial Area


Khazan – Conserved Foodstuff Dist.




Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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Built-Up Area

7,253 square meters

Completion Date

April 2005

Scope of Work


This project, located in Industrial Zone 11 in Sharjah, has a built-up area greater than 7,000 square meters and consists of 4 buildings: the factory, the compressor room, the labor accommodation and a security block.

The factory was built in accordance with the international hygiene standards of the food processing industry. This included the use of an epoxy floor finish in accordance with the stringent requirements of quality and safety in the manufacturing process. The factory consists of a production area, a processing area and a packaging area.

Additionally, the building is equipped with blast freezers, standard freezers, chillers and a maturing and ripening room. In order to efficiently maintain the entire factory at a temperature between 12 and 15 degree Celsius, building insulation was an important consideration.

The food manufacturing processes of the factory required the design and construction of special mechanical piping system in order to run reverse osmosis equipment, 54kW water heaters and powerful air compressors. The compressor room, a reinforced concrete cement (RCC) structure located adjacent to the factory building, houses all the ammonia compressors and chilled water pumps in addition to the main control panel for the entire air-conditioning and refrigeration system.

The labor accommodation is a two-floor reinforced concrete cement (RCC) building consisting of a dry material storage area, a central kitchen and 16 flats. Each flat has one bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and one bathroom. The security block is a self-contained single room with a small pantry and can houses up to two security guards.