Factory and Offices for Del Monte Foods at Al Aweer


Del Monte Foods


Orion Engineering Consultants


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Del Monte logo

Built-Up Area

15,500 square meters

Completion Date

October 2006

Scope of Work


The fresh cut factory for fruit juices is a state of the art facility and the first factory of its kind to be constructed at the fruit and vegetable market in Al Aweer. Additionally, Amana is one of the first contractors to build such a factory.

The facilities are to be constructed on a fast track basis in order to meet the growing requirements of the industry. The factory will be constructed on an area of 29,000 square meters and is to be completed within 10 months using 360 tons of steel. The facilities will also have approximately 1,700 square meters of built-up office space.

The facility has been designed as a pre-engineered steel structure and the office facilities have been designed as reinforced concrete cement structures with hollow core slabs.