Cold Store for DIP Offices at Dubai Investments Park


Dubai Investments Park


Osool Engineering


Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Built-Up Area

6,397 square meters

Completion Date

April 2007

Scope of Work


The G+M facility consists of a 5,150-square meter cold store, 1200-square meter office space and a 50-square meter service room. The cold room has a maximum height of 6 meters with wall cladding consisting of thermal insulated panels comprising of 100-millimeter thick rigid injected CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation to maintain low temperatures required.

The floors are insulated with two layers of 50-millimeter injection molded expanded polystyrene board. The refrigeration system is provided by a water-cooled semi-hermetic compressor rack system. Three compressors maintain the temperature in the cold store at -20ºC (a fourth compressor is available as stand-by). The corridors are cooled at 15ºC while the loading and unloading area measures in at 18ºC.