Amana Investments

Amana Investments ( is a leading group of companies with a long standing and established reputation for servicing the industrial and commercial construction sectors across the Middle East through the integrated operations of its subsidiary companies:

The Amana companies have been providing solutions to these sectors in the region for over 15 years. Today, the synergy provided within the Group allows the company to service these important sectors in a seamless manner in more than one way. Amana’s commitment to total client satisfaction begins with its vision of becoming the preeminent leader of fast-track construction in the Gulf industrial and commercial markets, delivering total solutions to its clients. The ability of the company to achieve its vision is dependent on satisfying and retaining its clients who understand and value the element of time-saving.

Amana Group

Amana Group

Founded in Abu Dhabi on September 12, 1993, Amana Contracting and Steel Buildings is today the regional leader in the design-build construction of industrial and commercial facilities across the Gulf. With a decentralized structure, the company can respond to its clients’ needs in a very quick and efficient manner. The company has built its reputation on the ability to provide design-build solutions for extremely fast-track projects.

Today, Amana Contracting and Steel Buildings has offices in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka. Each of these offices is independently run with capabilities to market, tender, design, procure and construct projects on a full design-build basis.

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Amana Pipeline Construction

Amana Pipeline Construction

Amana Pipeline Construction is focused on providing high value-added services to meet the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, automation and civil needs of the process construction industries including those for aviation, oil & gas processing facilities, and district cooling.

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DuBox, an AMANA Company is a modular design and off-site concrete construction company. DuBox designs and delivers complete single or multi-storey buildings in concrete using modular methodologies. Entire buildings are manufactured off-site in DuBox  factory. Modules are trucked or shipped pre-finished to job sites, where they are installed.

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DuPod, an AMANA Company, is an innovative pioneer in modular construction, driven by technology. We consistently deliver plug-and-play convenience, smart construction solutions, and a shorter project lifecycle with a premium range of off-site manufactured Utility, Wellness, Retail and Living Pods.

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